Make An Old Court New Again


This New Jersey homeowner purchased a new home with an existing court that was over 10 years old.

The paint was peeling, and the concrete patches were deteriorating and breaking up. DeShayes Dream courts to the rescue! In just two days were able to transform this run-down court into a brand new, eye catching backyard feature that any homeowner would be proud of.






On day one we pressure washed the entire court surface using a dome attachment. When pressure washing with just a handheld wand it is impossible to control the distance and angle from the nozzle to the concrete leaving an uneven streaky finish. With the dome attachment there are 2 nozzles at a preset distance and angle from the concrete rotating continuously giving an even consistent clean.











Once the pressure wash is complete, we began applying a thin-set concrete mix with Acryl 60. These products are great for filling low spots and damaged concrete. Thin-set mortar is a mixture of aggregates, cement and synthetic adhesives that make it bond to almost any clean surface. Master Emaco A 660 (Acryl 60) is an acrylic-polymer concentrate diluted up to 3:1 and is then mixed with portland cement mortars, plasters, stucco, and concrete mixes. Acryl 60 improves the adhesion, cohesion, tensile, compressive, and flexural strengths of these cement-based materials.










On day two we installed and trimmed the sport tiles providing a brand-new flooring surface with a limited lifetime warranty.

Thinset_MortarJust like that we had another satisfied customer.

If you have an old court that you would like updated, please call DeShayes Dream Courts at 1-877-928-4653 today!

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